• Une parodie de Balthamos, Burn the heretics, base sur Fuck the USA de The Exploited !


                                                                                       Originale : Fuck the USA, par The exploited


                                                                                       Parodie : Burn the Heretic, de Balthamos

                                   Cette parodie s'inspire de Warhammer 40.000, un jeu de rôle futuriste .

    Burn the heretic !

    There really is nothing nice about Nurgle
    You go to hospital because you feel pain
    The blague plague is the disease they all spread
    They don't really care 'bout where ills lay !

    Burn the heretic ! Burn the heretic !

    They keep their weapons high in the air !
    The god doesn't bother about those who suffer !
    This ain't the world of love and honor !
    Cause all they want is blood blood blood !

    Burn the heretic ! Burn the heretic !

    Warping spells are fuck all new
    You'd better start running when there launched on you
    Run into a spaceship, play hide and kill
    Cause when they're dead they leave the warp !

    Burn the heretic ! Burn the heretic !

    There really is nothing good about Slaanesh
    You go to the orgy, you have to rape
    The sex is the language they all speak
    They dont really care about the damnation leak !

    Burn the heretic, burn the heretic !



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